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Berg River Beer

Paarl | Glen and Shaun have been good mates for over 30 years with Shaun even sharing a year in Glen’s carpentry business many years ago. They parted ways and Shaun went on to found a company that distributed cosmetic products while Glen continued with his carpentry.

After 30 long years they realised there was more to life than shampoo and wood and discovered the wonders of craft beer. Glen’s wish to have a brewery finally took hold in 2012 and 3 years down the line, you’re probably sipping on a Helles Lager while you read this (hopefully!).

about-imageMany years of beer drinking meant Shaun and Glen were nothing short of experts on the topic but soon learnt that the brewing process was a whole new challenge. With the prospect of sipping on their very own craft beer on the horizon, they overcame this hurdle by teaming up with brewmaster Jörg Finkeldy.

Jörg not only brings over 30 years of craft brewing experience, but he adds another dimension to the brewery and has been a huge influence on the brand that we’re establishing. We’d love to say that the passion and energy the three share for Berg River Brewery is evident in our beers, but no one really knows what that tastes like, so we’ll let you be the judge.

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