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Darling Voorkamerfest

Voorkamer Fest Darling
  •  Event dates not yet confirmed, we think Sat, 4 Sep 2021 Mon, 6 Sep 2021

Widely regarded as one of the most unique arts festivals in the world, the Voorkamerfest takes place annually during the first week of September. The 21 houses in which the different performances take place, range from small township abodes to some of Darling’s grand Cape Dutch homes, and the owners play host to the guests and introduce the performers who hail from South Africa and Europe.

The acts, performed in local Darling resident’s living rooms, include a variety of dance, musical and drama genres, comedy, storytelling and magic – once again feeding the curiosity of those audience members who might not get the chance to attend a performance of any of the selected genres being show cased.


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