Elgin Applewood Harvest Festival

Applewood Harvest Festival

* 2019 dates not yet confirmed * Celebrate all things apple at the Applewood Harvest Festival in Elgin; a family day out in farm-country with gourmet and artisanal foods from local producers, Elgin craft cider and wines from the Valley plus lots of wholesome activities for the kids, live music and activities.

We invite all fresh air fitness enthusiasts, outdoor lovers, adventurers, foodies, grannies, grandpas, aunties, uncles and lots of children for eating, drinking, playing, running and generally spending precious family time together at our celebration of the end of a busy Harvest Season.

The Applewood Harvest Festival is filled with apple-themed activities and the best of Elgin’s gourmet artisanal and farm-grown produce. Expect fine fare from local restaurants The Poolroom, Hickory Shack, Terra Madre and Peregrine Farm Stall (to name a few) and the best of craft cider and Elgin wines. Master an apple tasting, buy apple pies and apples by the bag and let the children run free. There will be lots of entertainment for both young and old from live music to hay-diving, zip-lining and apple bobbing as well as loads of beautiful crafts and goodies from local artists.

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