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Galenia Olive Oil

Montagu | Galenia Estate Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil – is a combination of all three cultivars grown in the olive grove. Predominantly Frantoio but with lesser quantities of Mission and Manzanilla – this oil has a balanced flavour and is typical of the milder flavoured oils that most consumers are familiar with. The surprise element comes with the clearly perceived ‘freshness’ of oil produced within hours of the olives being harvested. Ideal for salad dressing, drizzling over mild flavoured vegetables and for low temperature cooking techniques –excellent for taking regularly as one of nature’s finest medicines.

Director’s Blend – designed to appeal to the more adventurous gourmet – by combining the individual oils to produce a more robust flavour with a balance of pungency and bitterness that acts more as a condiment than as a ‘regular’ extra virgin olive oil. The composition of this blend depends upon the characteristics of each the individual oils that have developed during the growing season and may be created from either two or three cultivars. Ideal for drizzling over salads, hot and cold vegetables, into soups and even into vegetable juices for a healthy and nutritious treat.

Single Cultivar – Frantoio – designed by nature and may vary from season to season – depending on the heat of the sun, the amount of rain, the pollination process (quantity of olives on the trees) etc – this oil is the true unblended flavour of its cultivar. A subtle grassy aroma with a pungent after taste giving a mild ‘pepperiness’ in the throat. Harvested at the optimum time when 75% of the olives are 75% black and pressed on the day of picking ensures that this oil is Ultra Premium quality. Ideal for savouring for its flavour alone drizzled on to fresh bread, wonderful with raw tomatoes and cooked new season potatoes and to enhance the finest and freshest produce.

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