Norval Foundation presents ‘Open Kitchen’ pastry workshop series with Isca Stoltz


Whether you’re a keen foodie, or a first-timer in the kitchen, join Head Pastry Chef Isca Stoltz as she takes you on a journey through the art of foraging to bring the Cape floral kingdom to life in your cooking at 6pm on Tuesday the 28th of May.

‘Foraging’ is the first in the series of ‘Open Kitchen’ pastry workshops, an invitation to play, learn, practice and cook in The Skotnes restaurant kitchen, the culinary extension of Norval Foundation. Overlooking the foundation’s serene wetland and Sculpture Garden, the Skotnes seamlessly integrates nature and architecture, and is naturally at home in the world of art. Begin your culinary journey by foraging for local botanicals in the Norval Foundation Sculpture Garden, learn how to prepare pastries according to recipe and enjoy a sit-down dinner together.

The five pastries created on the evening with freshly foraged ingredients are buchu macarons, passionfruit and burnt thyme tarts, peppermint geranium ice cream sandwiches, green rooibos marmalade and wild rosemary potato bread with a wild garlic butter. A delicious soup will be made and served with the bread for dinner.

This very first ‘Open Kitchen’ pastry workshop includes a botanical cocktail made with homemade bitters, two glasses of wine, foraging and pastry-making, recipes and take-away boxes to take home and a sit-down dinner including a Q&A with Isca Stoltz.

Reserve your space at the first Norval Foundation ‘Open Kitchen’ foraging workshop at 6pm on Tuesday 28 May at R795 per person by visiting or sending an email to


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