Oakhurst Olives

Oakhurst Olive Oil

Tulbagh With their roots firmly planted in the granite and sandstone soils, our olive trees bask in the abundant summer sunshine. By complete contrast winters are cold and crisp with snow-capped mountain peaks. The result is disease-free trees that yield healthy fruit with a distinctive flavor profile. Following extensive research into industry practices and trends world-wide, Oakhurst has adopted a high-density planting approach in our groves. This facilitates orchard management and doubles production per hectare without compromising quality. Each year, from April to June, our entire crop is carefully hand-harvested at optimum ripeness to ensure premium quality fruit for processing. Once harvested, the olives are milled and cold-extracted within 24 hours in our state-of-the-art onsite Pierlisi processing plant to capture the aromas and flavours of the freshly-harvested fruit. The oil is stored in stainless steel tanks in our olive oil cellar and bottled on demand to guarantee freshness.

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