Poetry in McGregor Festival

21 Aug
Poetry in McGregor

Poetry in McGregor

2020 dates not yet confirmed This weekend celebration of poetry includes readings, workshops, music and poetry, open mic opportunities and lots of time for poets and friends of poetry from across the country to get acquainted. It is our passionate intention and endeavour to help grow and sustain a community of poets and poetry enthusiasts in the poetic and magical setting that is McGregor. This year`s theme is ‘The Heart of the Moon.’

Come and witness captivating poetry in the artists’ haven that is McGregor at the annual “Poetry in McGregor”. Aimed at promoting community spirit, giving a stage to well-known poets as well as nurturing talented young artists, this special weekend offers poets from all over the chance to shine onstage. You can expect extraordinary poetry recitals, music events, art and workshops.

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