South Hill Pinot Noir

South Hill King Kevin Pinot Noir

Elgin | South Hill is located at the south eastern end of the Elgin Valley. If the general climate of Elgin is considered uniquely well suited to the growing of premium quality grapes, then the meso-climate on South Hill is even more so. With no shortage of water in the valley and a high annual rainfall, the Elgin area is the envy of many farmers in this generally arid land of ours. Although South Hill has the benefits of plentiful water, being in a rain shadow means that we have a third of the annual rainfall of farms in the north western part of the valley.

South Hill’s “Kevin King Wines” are made from small, specially selected parcels of grapes from South Hill farm situated in the south eastern end of the Elgin Valley. The wines are made in tiny quantities and faithfully express their cool climate origin. All Kevin King Wines are made to be both characterful and food friendly. The Pinot Noir vineyard was planted in 2007 on a steep south east facing section of the farm. Both 115 and 777 clones were selected and yields were only 7 tons per hectare.

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