Stellenbrau Brewery Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch | It was as simple as waking up one morning with a crazy idea – perhaps not initially realising it would later become an award-winning one! Stellenbrau Brewery owner and founder, Deon Engelbrecht struck gold when he made the decision to venture into the world of craft brewing.

During a visit to the Kwazulu Natal on South Africa’s east coast, Deon enjoyed a few craft beers with friends. Rising the following morning for a run, he did not expect to be feeling so refreshed, despite having the proverbial ‘few too many’ the night before! It was at that moment that he knew he wanted to brew his own craft beer and that the only place to do that would be Stellenbosch – a town filled with heritage…and thirsty students!

In 2011 the wheels were set in motion. Discussions with technical specialists took place and building of the brewery infrastructure was well underway and by 2012 Stellenbrau had launched their first beer, the Craven Craft Lager. In 2014, this premium quality beer was voted top lager at the Global Craft Beer Awards in Berlin – a testimony to Deon’s foresight and vision.

Since that time, Stellenbrau has continued to expand in size, infrastructure and reputation, while maintaining it’s ‘heart’ as a true craft brewery (which to us means making great beer through hard work and with no compromising on quality!)

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