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Strawberry Summer Affair

Strawberry Summer Affair

Celebrate the advent of summer with one of the season’s sweetest treats – strawberries! A festival dedicated entirely to these plump, juicy marvels will be held at the Slow Market in Stellenbosch.

Situated in the heart of the Cape winelands and featuring wholesome and hearty Slow Food made from only the crème of the crop, the Stellenbosch weekly Slow Market at Oude Libertas will be transformed into a vibrant, strawberry-flavoured affair, with anything from food and drinks to décor and dress getting a strawberry touch! Visit the Slow Market Strawberry Fair for a strawberry-spin on your favourite fare, with options such as rose-berry cordials, strawberry daiquiris, strawberry pesto and ice cream, strawberry sorbet, strawberry sausages, strawberry bakes and cakes, and even strawberry soaps and bath salts!

Good, nutritious food and its undeniable link to our health strongly underpins the Slow Market. Heading into its eighth year, Slow Market is both a haven and heaven for foodies, as it is the only foodie event in South Africa conceived and run by a medical doctor, Dr Gail Blake, who has a passionate interest in food and personal health. Slow Market is indeed the place to enjoy both, with the upcoming Strawberry Fair being no exception!

Dr Blake suggests that we ripen our senses with a strawberry start to the day. Strawberries are superfoods that come with an array of health benefits: they are rich in nutrients, low in calories and packed with antioxidants and vitamin C – all the ingredients needed for a supercharged Saturday and an active summer!

In keeping with the spirit of the day, a delicious food hamper brimming with strawberry goods will be awarded to the person who arrives wearing the best strawberry-themed attire – so get creative and show us your strawberry!

And just to add a dollop of rich, double cream to all the strawberries, or so to speak, the upbeat, progressive acoustic folk band “And the Riddle” will be playing at the Slow Market Strawberry Fair from 11h00 onwards. And the strawberry on top? Art and design students from the Stellenbosch Academy will have their works exhibited in the Oude Libertas Art Gallery, which is at the same venue as Slow Market, on the same day.

So pop into the Slow Market Strawberry Fair and get your fill of summer’s most delicious and nutritious offerings! Entrance to the market, including the live entertainment, is free. Strawberry lovers of all ages are welcome.

About Slow Market

Founded in 2008, the Slow Market group is an authentic group of weekly Slow Food markets located at Oude Libertas estate in Stellenbosch and the Willowbridge Life Style Centre in Tygervalley. Slow Market features specialty food and wine, food artisans, local farmers, natural and organic merchants, clothing, jewellery, seasonal goods and designer ware.
Slow Market supports micro businesses, helping them to grow and thrive in an alternative retail environment. Founded by medical doctor and entrepreneur Gail Blake, the market is part of a global Slow Food movement promoting foods which are clean, good and fair.

About Oude Libertas

Situated on the slopes of the Papegaaiberg, surrounded by vineyards and oak trees, Oude Libertas offers a collection of artistic, theatrical and lifestyle experiences as well as vital insight into community and environmental development initiatives. Oude Libertas’ Corporate Social Investment programme, which operates under the Distell Foundation focuses on the general well-being of South African communities, beginning with unborn children and extending into adulthood. Of the four key focal areas, Foetal Alcohol Spectrum disorder (FASD) and Youth Development are the most important. Common to all the initiatives in which Oude Libertas invest, is the intention to contribute holistically to personal growth within communities, embracing mindful and responsible living and conservation.


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