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Tuin van Digters

Tuin van Digters, Breytenbach Centre, Wellington

An annual celebration of Afrikaans poetry, art and literature, the Tuin van Digters (Garden of Poets) showcases Afrikaans in its many and various artistic forms and shapes – poetry, music, drama, visual art and animation.

The festival takes place at the lovely and vibrant Breytenbach Centre, a multidisciplinary arts and culture centre, training venue and meeting place for visual arts, music, drama and literature in central Wellington.

Die gewilde Tuin van Digters, ‘n jaarlikse instelling vir digters en liefhebbers en ondersteuners van die Afrikaanse digkuns, fokus op hoe verskillende mense uit verskillende gemeenskappe op verskillende maniere (in ‘n gedig, deur musiek, met kunswerke, in openbare ruimtes, deur animasie, ensovoorts) uiting gee aan dieselfde woord, frase of gedig om in ’n boodskap oor te dra.

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